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We always wandering what are the worse broken heart that we could face in our life.

We meet people, we learn about them more than about ourselves.
We extend our trust before we knew that it was a trap.
We let those untrue friends to come into our life as if they were our saviour.

I am not saying the true friends don’t exist. In fact there are good people out there. But as our quotes says the true friend is like a diamond; very rare to find.

We like it or not 99% of people we meet in our road are likely to be an opportunist.
We like it or not 99% of people we meet in our journey are likely to take something from us. 
We like it or not 99% of people we meet in our adventure are likely to lie to us.
We like it or not 99% of people we meet in our life are likely to brain wash us.
We like it or not 99% of people we meet in our street are likely to betray us.

It is not a surprise that we will get hurt unconditionally.
It is not a surprise than when we think we have learnt from our mistakes we still get betrayed by the one that we thought it is our family, our partner and our children.  

Our worlds has became too appearance that even ourselves we become the spotlight of lies. But how far we will go before our heart will cry for help because the word “Betrayed” is sucking our blood into emptiness. Betrayed is a word of loss, fear and most of all a word of “Hate”. We can’t stop people to betray us but surely we can teach our heart how to live with it.

Scandalous or facts, betraying can lead our faith into darkness.



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