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A smile doesn't cost anything.

We fought for freedom
We fought for power
We fought for money
We fought for spotlight
We fought for liberty

And yet all of those fights are for what?

For many centuries men fought for freedom to speak freely and yet it seems never enough to appreciate the good result from it. We keep fighting for something that even the government has not the answer of what is the resource of it.

For many centuries men fought to rule the world and yet it seems more we have the power to give an order more we want to undervalue other believes.

For many years we fought for our selfishness to destroy anything that it is a front of our road. What the amazing of our greedy action is that we think we are untouchable.  We put some people’s life into our misery behaviour each day.

Life is a journey to learn from our mistakes.

Scandalous or facts we have had lot of errors that happened since the early centuries to learn from. Why that is in nowadays we still ask to fight about something that it is not going to belong to us forever?

Scandalous or facts each day we are building dramas for not reasons at all just for the pleasure of seeing someone struggling emotionally. What more we shall experience in our life before we open our eyes and accept the beautiful journey that Living God is given to us.

Scandalous or facts is it that bad to be just kind and bless other with a smile.


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