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Searching for the Purpose

We are waking up in the morning without knowing what to expect. We are waking for one reason and that is to have our routine’s life to go to work. Each day out of ordinary we keep doing of what we are good at, work, home, and if finance allows we can go for a drink once in a week or month with our colleagues.
We are waking up in the morning in search of a purpose of that undefined objective. We have a dream that we do not even have a clear idea the right definition of the truth joy which we are seeking every day with hope that it will come to us. We wish that fairytale dream will come to live but then what is next of our purpose.
If we found that purpose of life that we have searching for so many years- are we going to give up to be creative? Life isn’t surely stopping when we have reached our aim. So if you think you have had the best the life of time of our life; we are so wrong.
Let us keep walking even if we have reached the finishing line. We should only stop trying to make on…

The Justice is Not Sleeping Forever.

There is a time to pay our sin, a time to reflect our mistakes and say “I apology” There is a day to accept our mistakes, a day to start all over again. There is a season we are out of control, a season to learn to stay silence. There is a period we are a loser, a period to fight back. There is a time of accepting our true identity, our decision to admit our weakness.
We do not understand the rule of the systems in this life. Many things do happened to us and yet we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Some of us are paying our sins without any delayed. Sometimes we even don’t understand why those who did more crime have managed to walkway from the justice.
Many of those criminals, manslaughters, rapists and robbery have being given their freedom. Yes, we do know that their crime is a high risk to our life, our children and yet the judge decided to give back their freedom. Many frauds and scammers are targeting vulnerable people each second. Yet, when they have been caug…

There Is No Easy Money

There is not easy money to be given to us from unknown person or friends.
Yet we are eager for money to be able to pay our bills. Yet we are eager for money to buy a house. Yet we are eager for money to pay that dream holidays. Yet we are eager for money so that we will stop working.
There are many people out there where we are scammed for something that isn’t real. There are many people out there believe that those people who is calling us with a promise of jackpot impact our head. There are many people out there where we are vulnerable to not believe of those scammers who are destroying our life from emotional to lose our life.
People do not be a fool and believe everything you have been told via letter of correspondence or telephone that you have own the jackpot. People do not be a stupid and give your debit card numbers for something that you have been taken by surprise, reflect and think again. People think twice that there is no easy money unless left by our family who h…
Love for Money
Our twenty first centenaries have changed our thought about finding the true love. It seems that in nowadays more men become love scammers as money collectors. In nowadays we tend to meet men / women who have strong knowledge about women / men desperate for love. In such desperation to meet that true love, people use our weakness by saying words that we haven’t had heard for years since we have been dumped by our ex.
Let us not be blind of our vulnerability period and believe the first man / woman coming into our life with a romance fairytale of one minute flirting. What we have to lose to take our time to know that person. Let us analyse this person before open up our home to welcome him / her for our first night physical exchange. It is important to be strong about our first instinct when people use a sadness story that will make us fall to believe at the point to give our bank account number.
We can’t stop people to make a fool of us but we can prevent it to ruin …

The unknown of tomorrow

We search our purpose of life. We search to understand the source of our life. We search for an understanding about our life. We search for the unknown life.
Do not try to understand as you are wasting your energy. Do not try to be perfect because we will never be. Do not expect the great expectation because you will be disappointed. Do not strop dream about tomorrow but keep living the day.
In the course for a better life, let us be happy of what we have today. In the course for a new tomorrow, let us stand firm about our dream. In the course for a secure generation, let us apology from our mistakes. In the course for a healthy life, breath, appreciate and say “Thank you Jesus”.

Scandalous or facts.