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If one day I have to die.

Don’t be scared when I am gone.
Don’t be scared of the emptiness because of my absence.
Don’t be scared of not seen me because I am not far.
Don’t be scared of being delusional because you are not.
Don’t be scared of the reality because we are all going to the same path of the unknown.

Each day we are learning a new thing about love, fear and death.
Each day we are talking about losing our job, our life from betrayal of a person that we put our trust.
Each day we are hearing someone’s death from natural cause,  and fatal accident.
Each day we don’t think with deep thought that sooner, or one day it will be our turn to experience to lose one of our close friends and family. Are we ready to grieve?

It is easy to say but never that simple to act. Losing our close friend that we grew up with it is an emotional feeling that none of us can explain; but we are living with it. It is easy to watch someone losing their mind because of a lost close soul, but never that simple to be able to exp…