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Love of power!

How far we will go to destroy people’s life for our religion? How far we will go to go for the love or power?
Before God even came to earth we have already made our own rules. We created our own laws by using God words when it fit our best interest. We believe all words that come to our own kind’s mouth as we pleased but when it is about to acknowledge God’s words we always asking more questions that we should. We use God’s name to kill innocent children, women and men. We use God’s name to steal people’s faith to fulfil our bank account. We use God’s name to hide our wrong doing.
The truth is already said and we are indeed using God’s name when we don’t have any other solution to our trouble. The truth is already stated in the bible that even after given to us so many evidence of “Who he is” we still doubt about His love for us. There is something more important in our life than fighting for a temporary of spotlight.
We don’t have to cheat to be a winner. We don’t have to lie to …


We take someone’s life from this earth as if we are an immortal. We forgot that sooner or later we are also going to leave this earth the same way as our victims did. We seem not accepting or just been greedy of love of money and power that nothing is going to happen to us so we killed without mercy. We have this idea that we are untouchable that no matter the numbers of our sins we will survive.
We think that we have got the right to take a human being breath. We think that it is okay to stop someone’s heart to beating because we are God. We kill for love when we know damn right we start the cheating. We kill to hide our lies when we know that a true success is a long journey. We kill to hold on our eager of always to have the last word.
May be it is time for each of us to be truth to ourselves May be it is time for each of us to appreciate what we have May be it is time for each of us to learn from our mistakes and make things right May be it is time for each of us to respect …