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Forbidden love!

Once upon the time we were in love. For some we were more in rush to follow the tradition of life. For some we were wiser about what we don't want. For those whom made decision to take their time and be sure that we give space to ourselves as well as our future partner; we made the decision to tolerate all things that we think it will build our relationship stronger. Unfortunately it is not always the wise decision we will make. We did give that commitment to understand the importance of a relationship. But  that space we have allowed is the beginning of an broken heart which will lead us to loss of interest of our hope.  However, we need to repeating into ourselves that if God did put that feeling of true love into our heart it is mean there is someone out there to be ours. We need to admits to ourselves that we didn't make a mistake of been too understanding of what is the main key of relationship. It was not a forbidden love but a preparation  to getting ready for that…

Could it be possible!

We seems doing things in our life which is against our own will. We are aware that it is not the rights decision and yet we are still doing it. Most of the time this unnecessary step is to hold someone to stay in our life because of that little pride that we don't want people see our true scars. Most of the time we jeopardise someone's life by inviting ourselves into their life without any invitations.  Most of the time we create our best drama skills so that they will feel sorry for us therefore they will stick around. Could it possible that we are all face off of who we are in aim to have that unreal friendship and relationship? Could it be possible that we don't have enough gut to accept the facts that sooner or later, what comes around goes around. Could it be possible that sometimes we have to lose everything before we can admit that an hypocrite relationship will take end sooner. It is sad because we knew about it,  we knew we are wasting our time but we still ke…

Love was to blame!

They said love is the best thing that can happen to us. With love we can forgive.
With love we can improve our personality.
With love we don't have to fear.
With love nothing can stop us to reach our objective.
With love we give unconditionally. And yet, Love seems not the answer at all of what we are hoping when a situation occurred especially if the issue is something that we can't / haven't be able to resolve. Those who had left their partner after decades of relationship with two or four children said that love is a slavery. They couldn't do much of their free time even thought that the "Discussion" to catching up with a friend or having a day our of self treat was agreed. They said that whatever they are doing, the questions of where are you? With who are you? At what time you coming home? Are constantly asked. Facts, we shouldn't Blame the word "Love" as our main reason of why our relationship didn't go as we wanted it to be just …

We Are Born!

We are born to lead. We are born to follow. We are born to teach. We are born to motivate. We are born to empower.
Yes! We are created and came to this world to live in peace. Yet! As we take the steps of learning, gathering all knowledge that we could possible want to earn to make our present a better day; we start to betray our own blood in exchange of temporary power.
Power is good as long as we applied it for a good cause. Power is our sword to get whatever we want from having lovers as many as we want. Power is our key to the next opportunity while we are seeking for that CEO Job. Power is our best mate to be able to do whatever pleased us at any costs.
Never less, how long the power will last till we realise that we were not wise enough to think about tomorrow. We think everything is forever, we forgot about “Change” that taking place in our daily life constantly. We forgot about the fact that tomorrow is always going to be there but not our money, our health, our work, not …