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What do we want to be and will we be accepted by people surrounding us?

This is what I am doing for living! Why some people are so concerned? I made that decision!
Once upon the time I was asked, “What do you want do when you are old?”
To date, we can remember exactly what our answer was, “we want to be a lawyer, we want to be a doctor, and we want to be a pilot and many more”. It sounds the right answer that our parent is expecting to hear. However, let us to be real, how in the hell I am going to reach those dreams to fact!
Education is the key. Oh yeah, let us talk about the beauty of the education. They are many modules that we have to get into our mind such; histories, geographies, literatures, sciences, philosophy and many more. After gathering all of those in our mind, we have to sit and pass the exam. Owning a good education is the door opportunity to reach our dream without cheating or corrupting.
Damn right! Well reward journey is all about working hard and be faithful to ourselves.
The education is how people will respect us, but at what pr…

It was your cursed words that I have lost self-confident! Part 2

The sadness about those painful words is to admit that it was said by our close dear friends. The disappointments to all of those hated words are said by our own children. The unforgettable to all of those words are the fact that was said by our parents. How people that we thought were our soul mate could curse us with such strong word. Haven’t they realised that their words can kill us instantly! Haven’t they realised that their words is the strongest weapon that they have used to kill someone without a trace of evidence! Haven’t they been told that while they use that word of rudeness, they started an internal illness than none of human being can cure? Haven’t they acknowledged that while they are shouting at us with such anger of arrogant their words have created the anxiety of our inner peace?
The words indeed play huge role in our life, but all depends how we are using it. The words indeed can be fun and joyful, but all depends of it expression. The words indeed can be sad and …

It was your cursed words that I have lost self-confident! Part 1

If you want to hurt me, just kill me! Don’t play with my feeling by poisoning my heart with WORDS. 
Most of our sorrow is from losing someone dear of unfortunate circumstances; death. Never less we get hurt easily while we didn’t get the recognition of our hard work, that pay rise, promotion that we have been waiting for so long. We are grieving from broken heart and yet, there is something that we couldn’t ever forget but we accept to forgive; the words of a promise.
Whatever I go, a part of me is dying. I can’t take it back nor make it as brand new step again. Every second we breathe is a goodbye to our young life. Yet, we are awake but our eyes are not fully wide open as it should be.
Our world is surrounded of violence, crime and war that most of the time, we are praying strongly that it is not our family or close friends who was stabbed to death in their flat while they were sleeping. We keep worrying as our children leave our home to join a new life in adventures but could be…

It is okay to Ask for Help!

Left in the corner can be frustrated especially when we think that we do not have anyone to understand our need. Yet, we are certainly sure that nobody sees or feels our self-trouble. Or maybe, we gave to our observers the feeling that we don't need them. We have this attitude that we can achieve without anyone physical or emotional help. We are repeating within us that people came to our life in exchange of something. Sad to say but most of people who come to us indeed are expecting some reward after providing their service.
We can't stop misinterpretations of our thought or the misunderstanding of how people see us. The life that we are living on is full of fake people, but do not close our true identity because of them. Our life isn't perfect nor are they. We are aware of what is right but this is not stopping us to do the wrong thing. In ignoring the right decision, we seem love staring at how people did fail in their aim; it is our little dirty pleasure. We are aware o…

Love one another.

The advice is indeed in the bible advising to each individual reading the scriptures to “Love our enemies as we love ourselves”. There is not any argument to add to that. We are living in such disturbing world that the idol of “Love one another” is indeed our best cure to save our soul from darkness of loneliness, disappointment and broken heart.
We are all asking the same question why we shall love our enemies after such betrayal!  
Timing! The right answer is the timing to heal our pain. We learn to know the meaning of such strong word to help us to find that peace within us. Of course until that time arrived to us to forgive we have thought of ignoring to let our enemies to win us over. We put our pride as our top priory to everything. We keep telling to ourselves “No way I am going to forgive” “No way I am going to speak to X or Y as if anything did happen”.
What we seem to forget is that our pride can make things worse than it is already. We could lose our best, close family bec…

It Okay To Take a Break!

We have 365 days to think what we could do to make sure we have fulfilled each day a better day. 

Yet, we don't think this way often. Moreover, we put lots of time stressing of missing the tube, the bus, to be stuck in the traffic, what to eat at lunch or dinner time,  or worse to worry about what people think of our appearance. 
The are different definition of break, this to includes 5mn break to get fresh airs from busy office, 30mn walk in the park, 10mn yoga and little nap after good food. We could call those a break. However, have we thought about holidays? Of course we do think about holidays sooner we are back to work. We get excited to discover one city to another country, we get fascinated about what we are going to discover, and we get frustrated to miss the flight, the weather, the unwanted illness and the natural disaster. 
This do not mean we can not have our break. In facts, we are the master mind of when to take our break, how to enjoy our free time without feeling gui…

Our Journey has Meanings!

We can’t feel the joy of success without failing.
We always focus on the big pictures of things that we aim to have. We want to avoid the pain and take another diversion if we could. We tend to not accepting that in life we just can’t escaped the pain, loneliness, fears, and doubt as part of our ride.  But let us not be left out because of a situation we cannot overcome. 
There are things that we can’t explain, but somehow we do think about it. There are things which happen to us, but somehow we just let it go. There are things that we just don’t want to talk about because we are ashamed of whom we are.
We hold on to our grief as if nobody can understand us. We hold on to our pain as if nobody can sense it. We are seeking to walk away from the walk of shame. 
Have we ever thought that when we received that special rejection from our former partner, the feeling from it is for us to overcome our fear to be left alone? Have we ever thought that when we are lost in the heart of big city, …

Do Something You are Good At!

What is it that we are love doing? Out of eating, going on holiday, shopping or just watching television, could we think another thing that we dearly wish to do? And how motivated are we to breathe every tempo of our joy in doing of what we are good at?
There is not any harm to spend three days out of seven days exercising to keep our shape fit. On other hand, challenging ourselves climbing Kilimanjaro could be our opportunity to see our weakness to be transforming to strength. Life is about discovering the world but most of all to flourishing ourselves from our comfortable zone.
Now let us think about something that we have always wanted to become while we were a child. Let us get back to the early age of reason where we made that indirect wish but we didn't start to make it happen because of lack of time. Let us think about the opportunity to make that dream to come true but we rejected it because our fear was stronger than our faith.
It is not easy to achieve our dreams especi…

Let Me Give You an Honest Smile!

Often we are hearing that a tiny smile can make huge differences to someone’s life. In facts, it is indeed true. So when we see an individual with a long face we tend to cheer that person in hope that she or he will give that little smile. On other hands, without exaggerating to be the saviour of the world, we came up with a joke. We are more than lucky if it does works.
It is hard to tell why some people just don’t smile. It is hard to guess what is on people’s mind when we don’t have any sign of joy in their face. It is hard to judge people just because they are not smiling. None of us can define the true story of why sometimes we are not in good mood to smile.
Moreover, we can always find out the reason of such sadness from our own experience. It is not difficult to figure out why we have lost the touch of smiling. It is not hard to discover that we are all in some way having the same symptom of losing the interest to smile. Yes, we are experiencing the same anxiety, disappointm…

Do Not Be Ashamed to Speak Up.

At the early age we tend to be influenced of some bad comments about our attitude. At the early age we tend to be told about our unwanted appearance. At the early age we tend to live in humiliation of unwanted friends. At the early age we are easily affected of such negativity remarks which will lead us to strange darkness.

They are situations that we can't understand of awkward behave that people does have toward us. They are times where we don't see the exit of such hate. They are seasons where the light is nowhere to be seen of such direct destruction of our true feeling. They are days where we feel to never wake up because the aim to destroy us is stronger than anything else.

They are period where we feel given up to see our values due to those people who are enjoying every tempo of our hearts of our failure. Yes, our enemy does like to see our struggling momentum of the difficult time to coping with the bullying seasons.

Knowing well our enemies is aim and it is at our own …

We Are Beautifully Made

The truth of our body is we are beautifully made by our creator. We can keep asking of why we are blond or dark hairs? Why we don’t have blue but green eyes? Why I am shorter, thin or taller but shabby? We are unable to answer neither those questions nor today either tomorrow. However, we can make our own answer in the way how we want to hear it, but is that really healthy lying into our own soul.
Lord has given us tools for us to use wisely. He gave us the opportunity to looking after ourselves the way we are committed to our job. Yet, we seems spending our time complaining of some part of our body from a tiny scar, a spot due to flue or the facts that nobody didn’t pay attention to us because we think that we are not beautiful enough for that special eyes contact. We are losing our self-interest because we comparing ourselves to beauty idols that it is only temporary attraction.
It is important that we keep our mind clear of our beauty. It is important that we stop comparing our …