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Searching for the Purpose

We are waking up in the morning without knowing what to expect. We are waking for one reason and that is to have our routine’s life to go to work. Each day out of ordinary we keep doing of what we are good at, work, home, and if finance allows we can go for a drink once in a week or month with our colleagues.
We are waking up in the morning in search of a purpose of that undefined objective. We have a dream that we do not even have a clear idea the right definition of the truth joy which we are seeking every day with hope that it will come to us. We wish that fairytale dream will come to live but then what is next of our purpose.
If we found that purpose of life that we have searching for so many years- are we going to give up to be creative? Life isn’t surely stopping when we have reached our aim. So if you think you have had the best the life of time of our life; we are so wrong.
Let us keep walking even if we have reached the finishing line. We should only stop trying to make on…

The Justice is Not Sleeping Forever.

There is a time to pay our sin, a time to reflect our mistakes and say “I apology” There is a day to accept our mistakes, a day to start all over again. There is a season we are out of control, a season to learn to stay silence. There is a period we are a loser, a period to fight back. There is a time of accepting our true identity, our decision to admit our weakness.
We do not understand the rule of the systems in this life. Many things do happened to us and yet we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Some of us are paying our sins without any delayed. Sometimes we even don’t understand why those who did more crime have managed to walkway from the justice.
Many of those criminals, manslaughters, rapists and robbery have being given their freedom. Yes, we do know that their crime is a high risk to our life, our children and yet the judge decided to give back their freedom. Many frauds and scammers are targeting vulnerable people each second. Yet, when they have been caug…

There Is No Easy Money

There is not easy money to be given to us from unknown person or friends.
Yet we are eager for money to be able to pay our bills. Yet we are eager for money to buy a house. Yet we are eager for money to pay that dream holidays. Yet we are eager for money so that we will stop working.
There are many people out there where we are scammed for something that isn’t real. There are many people out there believe that those people who is calling us with a promise of jackpot impact our head. There are many people out there where we are vulnerable to not believe of those scammers who are destroying our life from emotional to lose our life.
People do not be a fool and believe everything you have been told via letter of correspondence or telephone that you have own the jackpot. People do not be a stupid and give your debit card numbers for something that you have been taken by surprise, reflect and think again. People think twice that there is no easy money unless left by our family who h…
Love for Money
Our twenty first centenaries have changed our thought about finding the true love. It seems that in nowadays more men become love scammers as money collectors. In nowadays we tend to meet men / women who have strong knowledge about women / men desperate for love. In such desperation to meet that true love, people use our weakness by saying words that we haven’t had heard for years since we have been dumped by our ex.
Let us not be blind of our vulnerability period and believe the first man / woman coming into our life with a romance fairytale of one minute flirting. What we have to lose to take our time to know that person. Let us analyse this person before open up our home to welcome him / her for our first night physical exchange. It is important to be strong about our first instinct when people use a sadness story that will make us fall to believe at the point to give our bank account number.
We can’t stop people to make a fool of us but we can prevent it to ruin …

The unknown of tomorrow

We search our purpose of life. We search to understand the source of our life. We search for an understanding about our life. We search for the unknown life.
Do not try to understand as you are wasting your energy. Do not try to be perfect because we will never be. Do not expect the great expectation because you will be disappointed. Do not strop dream about tomorrow but keep living the day.
In the course for a better life, let us be happy of what we have today. In the course for a new tomorrow, let us stand firm about our dream. In the course for a secure generation, let us apology from our mistakes. In the course for a healthy life, breath, appreciate and say “Thank you Jesus”.

Scandalous or facts.

If one day I have to die.

Don’t be scared when I am gone.
Don’t be scared of the emptiness because of my absence.
Don’t be scared of not seen me because I am not far.
Don’t be scared of being delusional because you are not.
Don’t be scared of the reality because we are all going to the same path of the unknown.

Each day we are learning a new thing about love, fear and death.
Each day we are talking about losing our job, our life from betrayal of a person that we put our trust.
Each day we are hearing someone’s death from natural cause,  and fatal accident.
Each day we don’t think with deep thought that sooner, or one day it will be our turn to experience to lose one of our close friends and family. Are we ready to grieve?

It is easy to say but never that simple to act. Losing our close friend that we grew up with it is an emotional feeling that none of us can explain; but we are living with it. It is easy to watch someone losing their mind because of a lost close soul, but never that simple to be able to exp…

The truth!

We seek for the truth of love We seek the truth of God We seek the truth of freedom We seek the truth of life We seek the truth of our purpose in this earth We seek the truth for an answer We seek the truth for peace We seek the truth about ourselves
What make us think we don’t have the answer? What make us think that there is not great achievement without corrupting? What make us think that God wanted us to hate one to each other? What make us think that our life doesn't have any sense?
But what if one day, out of the blue we have the answers of the reality of life but we just don’t know what to do with the truth? Have we ever thought that the true peace is within us, and the answers of our questions are right under our noise? Alas, we are too blind and idle to admit the truth.

Scandalous or facts?!

The fear of change.

Change is a word that we fear the most in our life. Change is a word that we need to breakthrough from our comfortable life Change is a word that we need to take into consideration Change is a word that we have to make thing happen Change is a word that we should not ignore.
We are living in a society of change. Each day our skin is changing as we are not getting younger. We are part of a world of change. Each day we are requested to change the way how we speak We are breathing the world of change. Each day we are force to please people needs We are part of hypocrite world. Each day we are swallowing the word of change because we couldn't bear any more to believe of the honesty of who we are. We should carry on to live our life in truth and not to worry about what people think. We should carry on to make our journey happy and not to be scared to fail. We should change our life because that is our decision. 

Scandalous or facts!

Love of power!

How far we will go to destroy people’s life for our religion? How far we will go to go for the love or power?
Before God even came to earth we have already made our own rules. We created our own laws by using God words when it fit our best interest. We believe all words that come to our own kind’s mouth as we pleased but when it is about to acknowledge God’s words we always asking more questions that we should. We use God’s name to kill innocent children, women and men. We use God’s name to steal people’s faith to fulfil our bank account. We use God’s name to hide our wrong doing.
The truth is already said and we are indeed using God’s name when we don’t have any other solution to our trouble. The truth is already stated in the bible that even after given to us so many evidence of “Who he is” we still doubt about His love for us. There is something more important in our life than fighting for a temporary of spotlight.
We don’t have to cheat to be a winner. We don’t have to lie to …


We take someone’s life from this earth as if we are an immortal. We forgot that sooner or later we are also going to leave this earth the same way as our victims did. We seem not accepting or just been greedy of love of money and power that nothing is going to happen to us so we killed without mercy. We have this idea that we are untouchable that no matter the numbers of our sins we will survive.
We think that we have got the right to take a human being breath. We think that it is okay to stop someone’s heart to beating because we are God. We kill for love when we know damn right we start the cheating. We kill to hide our lies when we know that a true success is a long journey. We kill to hold on our eager of always to have the last word.
May be it is time for each of us to be truth to ourselves May be it is time for each of us to appreciate what we have May be it is time for each of us to learn from our mistakes and make things right May be it is time for each of us to respect …

Forbidden love!

Once upon the time we were in love. For some we were more in rush to follow the tradition of life. For some we were wiser about what we don't want. For those whom made decision to take their time and be sure that we give space to ourselves as well as our future partner; we made the decision to tolerate all things that we think it will build our relationship stronger. Unfortunately it is not always the wise decision we will make. We did give that commitment to understand the importance of a relationship. But  that space we have allowed is the beginning of an broken heart which will lead us to loss of interest of our hope.  However, we need to repeating into ourselves that if God did put that feeling of true love into our heart it is mean there is someone out there to be ours. We need to admits to ourselves that we didn't make a mistake of been too understanding of what is the main key of relationship. It was not a forbidden love but a preparation  to getting ready for that…

Could it be possible!

We seems doing things in our life which is against our own will. We are aware that it is not the rights decision and yet we are still doing it. Most of the time this unnecessary step is to hold someone to stay in our life because of that little pride that we don't want people see our true scars. Most of the time we jeopardise someone's life by inviting ourselves into their life without any invitations.  Most of the time we create our best drama skills so that they will feel sorry for us therefore they will stick around. Could it possible that we are all face off of who we are in aim to have that unreal friendship and relationship? Could it be possible that we don't have enough gut to accept the facts that sooner or later, what comes around goes around. Could it be possible that sometimes we have to lose everything before we can admit that an hypocrite relationship will take end sooner. It is sad because we knew about it,  we knew we are wasting our time but we still ke…

Love was to blame!

They said love is the best thing that can happen to us. With love we can forgive.
With love we can improve our personality.
With love we don't have to fear.
With love nothing can stop us to reach our objective.
With love we give unconditionally. And yet, Love seems not the answer at all of what we are hoping when a situation occurred especially if the issue is something that we can't / haven't be able to resolve. Those who had left their partner after decades of relationship with two or four children said that love is a slavery. They couldn't do much of their free time even thought that the "Discussion" to catching up with a friend or having a day our of self treat was agreed. They said that whatever they are doing, the questions of where are you? With who are you? At what time you coming home? Are constantly asked. Facts, we shouldn't Blame the word "Love" as our main reason of why our relationship didn't go as we wanted it to be just …

We Are Born!

We are born to lead. We are born to follow. We are born to teach. We are born to motivate. We are born to empower.
Yes! We are created and came to this world to live in peace. Yet! As we take the steps of learning, gathering all knowledge that we could possible want to earn to make our present a better day; we start to betray our own blood in exchange of temporary power.
Power is good as long as we applied it for a good cause. Power is our sword to get whatever we want from having lovers as many as we want. Power is our key to the next opportunity while we are seeking for that CEO Job. Power is our best mate to be able to do whatever pleased us at any costs.
Never less, how long the power will last till we realise that we were not wise enough to think about tomorrow. We think everything is forever, we forgot about “Change” that taking place in our daily life constantly. We forgot about the fact that tomorrow is always going to be there but not our money, our health, our work, not …

What is a better day?

We can’t run from our soul. We are waiting for that opportunity. We are waiting for that true love We are waiting for that pay rise. We are waiting for that peace within. We are waiting for that breakthrough.
We tend to love someone with our past on our shoulder. We tend to live our life as if we can hide what bother us the most. We tend to escape our self-doubt with fake smile. We tend to hide our scars but we definitely can’t escape our soul. 
Yes, they are many things we could do to hide our true emotional for people to not see but as we coming home to our wonderful four walls; we know that our soul will be the first sight to appear to our eyes. Yes we cannot talking about our feeling to people unless we are ready to do so but let us not be ashamed to tell it to ourselves when we know we should. Yes we don’t have to tell people about our broken heart but we should be able to meditate about it when our heart crying for breakthrough.
Each step we made is a sign of hope to reach…

Are We a Good Manager?

A good manager is not going to humiliate us a front of our colleagues.
A good manage is not going to discriminate us as they wished. A good manager is not going to criticise in the middle of staff meeting. A good manager is not going to judge us of how we do the job as long as it is done. A good manager is not going to jeopardise our shift as they pleased. A good manager is not using the word “Procedure” when they don’t want you to grow. A good manager shouldn’t have any members of staff as their favourite. A good manager is not going to bring their personal life into work and take us as their scapegoat. A good manager is not going to mix the relationship as a leader and to a member of staff. A good manager shouldn’t change job title slightly as to hide than when it fit them they know how to give that pay raise or promotion to specific people. A good manager is not going to mocking at us on how the lousy plastic rain poncho will be our wedding dress a front of our team. A good manage…

We have not right.

We have not right to tell people how they should feel. We have not right to tell people when they should cry. We have not right to criticise people because that is our wish. We have not right to cry on behalf of anyone because we think it is best way to do so. We have not right to love someone that we know she or he is not our destiny. We have not right to lie to gain people’s trust. We have not right to destroy people’s life. We have not right to tell people when they should speak up. We have not right to tell people how should we stand. We have not right to be ashamed of who we are. We have to feel sorry for not reasons. We have not right to think that we are perfect. We are in our right to accept our mistakes so let not be stubborn as if we are the best of the best.
Yes! We don’t have any right to judge people. We are who we are and we should respect each individual’s journey. We should listen their adventures and take them as our motivation to give our best to develop ou…

We don't have to be like them!

Some of us are born with privileged family. Lucky for some of us we don't have to worry about paying our monthly bills, and buying all brand of clothes, shoes, accessories and travelling as much as we wished without worrying about money. For some of us we are blessed to be born alive and in good health but unlucky to have that comfortable life. 
Yes! For most of us our journey to find that right job at the right time with the right manager is a random; we have to hope for the best. Unfortunately, many of us end up with the right organisation but wrong manager. But shall we run away from because our current manager is not a good leader? 
We understand that we have to follow a specific policy if we want our manager to recognise our hard work. Unfortunately it is not (Most) always the case. In many occasion, if we want that pay raise we have to be nice, we have to give that fake smile, we become their little dog and do as they pleased. On other hands, we have to be hypocrite. 
Yes, we a…

Experience doesn't make a rule about us!

They said when we grow old we can do whatever pleased us in life. We are free to sleep all day and not bothering to take a shower. We can eat as much as we wished with our own condiments. We can speak freely without fear to be told off of our strangebehaviour language. We can wear any style of clothes as well to be nude if we wanted. Life seems very interesting to live sooner we reach that age of freedom. 
We have this idea of living in a landscape with our own rules. We have this vision of liberty where nothing can stop us. We have this certainty that people will follow our rule as we tell them what to do and not to do. 
We surely tend to forget that if we don't like to receive an order from anyone, what make us think that the second or third party will be pleased to execute our request? We surely forget that we should treat other people in the way how we want to be treated. Nevertheless, we believe that with our own experience, the hard journey that we have had, the amount of wate…

Every minute is valuable.

We do know how important life about is. Yet! We sometimes forget the main importance of how valuable our time is! We are wasting our time in doing anything but complaining. We all seem know what we want to happen in our life this to include having the power to lead a country, to have more than enough money in our bank account, and have the handsome or beautiful woman on our side from good to bad.
Although, if we have everything we wished for in our life we seem want more of whatever is that we don't see because we are too focused on the appearance. We have enough time to waste our treasure minutes to surf the Facebook and reading those 95% unnecessary notifications. We have enough time to gossip about people's life instead of taking care of our own life. We surely do have lots of energy when it is about taking care of others life, why is that?
We couldn't say the problem is not fixable because it is. We surely do not make any efforts to treasure our life before our job. W…

Just don’t do it!

What is about us to find that true love and yet we are not ready to move forward and make that decision that it is time to stop playing around as if we just want to have that one night stand still. We tend to willing to do whatever we pleased to gain our future candidate confident that we are a “Good person”. We tend to have that fascinated discussion on our first three dates thanks to our new generation where it is a routine to give ourselves on the same night or the second dates without any feeling of prejudice.
It understands that we are living in such easy access of our body with fifty of fifty that we are in luck to not see that person again. One thing is sure we were fool to let it happen so that easily. However, shall we keep undervaluing our body when we are in that age with enough experience of knowing what is wrong and what we want is? The worse thing is with possibility to haunt our wrong doing forever we might not be able to stop as it will come as an addiction.
Some of…

What happened to the real movies CASTS?

Our new actors seems not anymore like it used to be. I am not expecting to stay on old fashion with right talented such Leonardo Di Caprio, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor or John Wayne. But at least the new generation should bring better skills by taking the old generation experiences and added their new ideas with huge great expectation. Yet, when we look at the new generation in their new journey to be on the spotlight of the famous red carpet, Oscars award winner, it is disappointing to see that majority of our new actress and actors are better to do some catwalk for Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss than acting.
Secondly, the movies of nowadays has become more commercial. Most of casts are just on the spotlight for at least 2 years enough to cash 10 million in their bank account and if lucky enough Simon Cowell will offer them a job to be one of his commercial music business such X Factor judge.
I still believe we have talented candidates out there who could pull ou…

Be open minded!

“My momma always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get,’ cast by Tom Hanks which I believe that he did acts pretty well in this movie of Forrest Gump. 
What I found amazing about this quote is that yes, may be our life is like a box of chocolate or our life is not  at all like a box of chocolate because we do know what we are going to get while buying chocolates.
Now, could this proverb is true? A fact is we do know what to expect while we are buying a box of chocolate but we surely do not know what type of taste the chocolate is going to be on the top of the basic milk, coffee and caramel.
We all do know of what the chocolate is made and most of the ingredients are. What we might think by “Life is like a box of chocolates” is that we have our routine life with the unexpected situation which is going to disturbing our comfortable zone. We never know what we are going to get is based on it taste, it flavour and the consequences that we a…

It is okay to be alone!

There is time we felt lost! There is time we are hunted by the past! There is time we fear our heart will let us down! There is time we wished our life is better that it is now! There is time we scare to not meet that person with who we will have our last breath.
There is thing that we can’t understand why thing happened to us. Life is indeed a journey that for some we don’t make the first decade to experience our adolescent life. For some we are just about to learn something for the first time that we are about to live without saying goodbye. For some, after achieving the biggest challenges of our objective which we waited for many years, we then been told to give up. 
Could thing happen for reasons! When time is right, only each of us can answer that question. Sometimes, we feel rejected! But that is okay, we learn something from that loneliness. I believe what we need to understand is to accept that we can’t always pleased others. We have to learn to say thanks and not thank …

We are Okay! We are still Learning!

In many occasions we are founding ourselves in the situation of illusion as if we are lost from the reality. There is time when we are thinking that nobody sees us as we walking that routine street from home to work. We are looking for that special answer of our wanders while we are in the heart of “What if” or “I should have done?” 
We don’t understand why bad or good things happened to us. We trust people that we meet. We open our life to someone that we think will lead us from difficulties to a better sky. We learn our mistakes by getting as many as outcomes we get from our friends to a better us. Yet, there are times where we think we have done all our best to be someone new, a better us, we are still confuse about things that we don’t have the answer as we expected.
Like it or not, people will never stop to take us as a fool queen.
We have this emptiness in us that even talking about our anxiety; we are confused of its presence in our life. We have this lack of self-confident…

Shall I or shall I not?

Many occasions we are asking to ourselves how we can have a better life. What is it that we want in our personal life for it to last forever? What is it that we are so scare to not make that “One decision” and live in day-to-day life with peace to the one that we vow to love till death do us apart.
We cannot answer to that question to our partner until we are aware of who we are. We cannot please our marriage until we are sure that we have the full understanding of what is the true definition of relationship is all about. We cannot please our partner if we are not even happy within ourselves.
We cannot have an honest marriage if we are not willing to accept that a true happiness of relationship is about Commitment, Tolerate with an honest Communication.
Yes! We fear to be alone. We fear to lose our pride. We fear to be seen as a fool, stupid, useless and immature. We are worry about our reputation than our relationship. The answer of our trouble marriage is right inside of our heart.…

Shall we get Divorce or Not!

It has been said that when we have made the decision to marry that special person to be part of our life until our last breath, the oath is forever. it mean that the boundaries of that promise to love one to another from bad to good time should be present at every beating of our hearts. It does mean that the both party have the full understand of being honest one to another with strong trust. It does mean that if we need a wall to lean on he or she will be there to offer his or her shoulder, if we need a rock to stand firm against a tsunami he or she will protect us to not getting hurt.
Yet! From the beginning to date the word of “Divorce” is become more fashionable in our day-to-day life style to follow than to be forbidden. It is seemed and especially in now days we got married for special self-interest than for true love. I am not saying that the true love do not exist any more, I am saying that marrying to someone for love is not famous as it used to be. On other hand, most of p…

What do we want to be and will we be accepted by people surrounding us?

This is what I am doing for living! Why some people are so concerned? I made that decision!
Once upon the time I was asked, “What do you want do when you are old?”
To date, we can remember exactly what our answer was, “we want to be a lawyer, we want to be a doctor, and we want to be a pilot and many more”. It sounds the right answer that our parent is expecting to hear. However, let us to be real, how in the hell I am going to reach those dreams to fact!
Education is the key. Oh yeah, let us talk about the beauty of the education. They are many modules that we have to get into our mind such; histories, geographies, literatures, sciences, philosophy and many more. After gathering all of those in our mind, we have to sit and pass the exam. Owning a good education is the door opportunity to reach our dream without cheating or corrupting.
Damn right! Well reward journey is all about working hard and be faithful to ourselves.
The education is how people will respect us, but at what pr…

It was your cursed words that I have lost self-confident! Part 2

The sadness about those painful words is to admit that it was said by our close dear friends. The disappointments to all of those hated words are said by our own children. The unforgettable to all of those words are the fact that was said by our parents. How people that we thought were our soul mate could curse us with such strong word. Haven’t they realised that their words can kill us instantly! Haven’t they realised that their words is the strongest weapon that they have used to kill someone without a trace of evidence! Haven’t they been told that while they use that word of rudeness, they started an internal illness than none of human being can cure? Haven’t they acknowledged that while they are shouting at us with such anger of arrogant their words have created the anxiety of our inner peace?
The words indeed play huge role in our life, but all depends how we are using it. The words indeed can be fun and joyful, but all depends of it expression. The words indeed can be sad and …

It was your cursed words that I have lost self-confident! Part 1

If you want to hurt me, just kill me! Don’t play with my feeling by poisoning my heart with WORDS. 
Most of our sorrow is from losing someone dear of unfortunate circumstances; death. Never less we get hurt easily while we didn’t get the recognition of our hard work, that pay rise, promotion that we have been waiting for so long. We are grieving from broken heart and yet, there is something that we couldn’t ever forget but we accept to forgive; the words of a promise.
Whatever I go, a part of me is dying. I can’t take it back nor make it as brand new step again. Every second we breathe is a goodbye to our young life. Yet, we are awake but our eyes are not fully wide open as it should be.
Our world is surrounded of violence, crime and war that most of the time, we are praying strongly that it is not our family or close friends who was stabbed to death in their flat while they were sleeping. We keep worrying as our children leave our home to join a new life in adventures but could be…

It is okay to Ask for Help!

Left in the corner can be frustrated especially when we think that we do not have anyone to understand our need. Yet, we are certainly sure that nobody sees or feels our self-trouble. Or maybe, we gave to our observers the feeling that we don't need them. We have this attitude that we can achieve without anyone physical or emotional help. We are repeating within us that people came to our life in exchange of something. Sad to say but most of people who come to us indeed are expecting some reward after providing their service.
We can't stop misinterpretations of our thought or the misunderstanding of how people see us. The life that we are living on is full of fake people, but do not close our true identity because of them. Our life isn't perfect nor are they. We are aware of what is right but this is not stopping us to do the wrong thing. In ignoring the right decision, we seem love staring at how people did fail in their aim; it is our little dirty pleasure. We are aware o…

Love one another.

The advice is indeed in the bible advising to each individual reading the scriptures to “Love our enemies as we love ourselves”. There is not any argument to add to that. We are living in such disturbing world that the idol of “Love one another” is indeed our best cure to save our soul from darkness of loneliness, disappointment and broken heart.
We are all asking the same question why we shall love our enemies after such betrayal!  
Timing! The right answer is the timing to heal our pain. We learn to know the meaning of such strong word to help us to find that peace within us. Of course until that time arrived to us to forgive we have thought of ignoring to let our enemies to win us over. We put our pride as our top priory to everything. We keep telling to ourselves “No way I am going to forgive” “No way I am going to speak to X or Y as if anything did happen”.
What we seem to forget is that our pride can make things worse than it is already. We could lose our best, close family bec…

It Okay To Take a Break!

We have 365 days to think what we could do to make sure we have fulfilled each day a better day. 

Yet, we don't think this way often. Moreover, we put lots of time stressing of missing the tube, the bus, to be stuck in the traffic, what to eat at lunch or dinner time,  or worse to worry about what people think of our appearance. 
The are different definition of break, this to includes 5mn break to get fresh airs from busy office, 30mn walk in the park, 10mn yoga and little nap after good food. We could call those a break. However, have we thought about holidays? Of course we do think about holidays sooner we are back to work. We get excited to discover one city to another country, we get fascinated about what we are going to discover, and we get frustrated to miss the flight, the weather, the unwanted illness and the natural disaster. 
This do not mean we can not have our break. In facts, we are the master mind of when to take our break, how to enjoy our free time without feeling gui…