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Who is the way!

The longer we live, the longer we learn something new about who we are. The longer we fall, the longer we understand that life is not just about winning. The longer we self-doubt, the longer we accept that there is not another life than Him, Jesus. Alas, we have to live in many rejections before finally opening our eyes that our only exit from anxiety is God. He is the life and the way.
There were times we were wondering how we end up into this world. We wonder how we can feel such deep pain when we had a broken heart.  We were wondering how the red liquid colour could running through our vain and not had any possibility of exit unless we decide to slice a tiny bit of our skin.  We were wondering how our body could move from whatever we feel comfortable. We were wondering how our stomach could receive those foods and not getting any disease unless we have abused it consummation. We were wondering, who is this talented person with such imagination of a master piece, us.
What happene…