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Believe, Just believe from the bottom of our heart!

Before we even start to make the first step, fears of not reaching our vision, we stopped believing; we given up.
I am talking not only from my own experience but through my family, close friends, former work colleagues, former partners and people which I had chance to have that little chat while waiting the public transport at the platforms or while I am trying to have a quality time with my cuppa of tea to one of those coffee shops in the heart of the lost city.
During our childhood we have so many dreams, wonderful dreams, back then; we never have any clue how we are going to make our fairytale dreams to be real. But we keep dreaming and talk about it as if we own and living that dream already.
Nobody teach us how to reach our vision, we just go with the flow. But then, we reach the age of entering to life active. The way how we see life isn’t anymore as we lived while we were a child. The word “Money” seem coming into our life almost every second. The word education is a word that …