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Royal baby! Is that so?

Right! The royal is about to give birth! Or shall we say the Royal has given birth. So what! Do we have to be concerned!
Royal or not a princess, we as citizens, we should focus on what is most important in our life before anyone else, we should put our life as top priory before the Royal, the Hollywood and the politics. I am glad for the Royal family that their generation is growing smoothly. But shouldn’t we put some bond of not breaching the line with our life and their life.
We are all exited for this new baby! Nothing wrong with that! But let it be! Let the baby have enough time to breathe and enjoying her little life. Let Charlotte enjoy her childhood before acknowledging that her life is surrounded of paparazzi; she doesn’t need that for now anyway.

The new Royal baby is produced, coming to this world exactly the same way as we all have! The only line that makes us different to the royal family is the tittle. Now, don’t get me wrong but when the child has diarrhea, the pa…

This isn't right belly dancing! Or is it?

Hillsong worshiping...!