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I Have a Dream!!!

I have a dream…
We dream for a better life We dream to meet the right wife We dream to meet the right husband We dream for a better job We dream for a better place to live We dream for long life We dream for good health We want good salary

All of this is dreams can come true!  
Now, we can’t blame too much on the system why we don’t have those wonderful goal into our life! But indirectly we can blame the politics to not helping us to reach those goals! After all, we helped them to be our leaders, we vote for them so that we can have comfortable life. We support their candidate so that they can earn over 100k net per month. But have they done that what need to be done when they had the confirmation that they got the job? Have they thought that they couldn’t have those spotlight, luxury and secure pensions without us? I let you to investigate on that!
Now, scandalous or facts, we can’t hate the society and turn our life into deeper depression because they didn’t respect their vow…