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You are Unique!!!

Most of the time we are wondering about our appearances, we are wondering of what people think of how we are dressed.  We are wondering more than we should for public eyes than what is most important for ourselves. The system has indeed impact our life more than we should. We don’t have enough strength to stop the system to impact our brain. We are easily to be influenced.
We are all formed as unique to other, with specific gift that we can’t share to other but we definitely can help to lift someone’s life. Some of our gift is may be not to lead the way to our friends but listen their wanders. Some of gift is may be not to fix someone finance’s situation but we can help them to be wise. Let us not be sad if we don’t have that beauty that we see on the magazine, instead, encourage ourselves to see the natural beauty that we owned without those powder all over our face. Some of us may be gifted to heal our pain, but that okay if you can’t help on finding that perfect job, because that is…