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Why decided to be a bus driver if you can't offer a good customers care.

There are days where I think the bus drivers did wake up with their left feet.

A typical joke but somehow true. This is a sentence that I am often saying to my colleagues sooner I arrived at the office to start a new journey as part to pay my monthly bills.

Like it or not, majority of us are taking the bus to make our journey to work, to school, business meeting or for that job interview that we have planned for days. 

After all, if it can give stress free from traffic and all type situation that we can think of while we drive our own car; why not.

Most of the time, the bus drivers seem unhappy. What the true reason, only they and God knows why? 

The sadness seen the bus driver unhappy is that, somehow, their bad mood is indirectly affecting us, customers. 

On other hands, and as long as the bus drivers drive us safely and reaching our destination on time; we shouldn't care much about our driver’s behavior. 

From my own experience, we will be very lucky to get support or assistant from a driver. The feeling that you will get if this happen is, we will say to ourselves; “The bus driver must spoken to God”.

One of example that I could share is when they are two or five minutes ahead of their schedules; we then as passengers, not have any other choice than been held five minutes to our next stop or get off and hoping that the next bus will just take us home or to our work.

I totally understand that if we have few minutes ahead of our schedules and they want to respect that, let it be. But how about when they are five, fifteen or even over thirty minutes late to their schedules? 

Once I asked the driver; “How about when you are delayed over five minutes, are you going to send us a private jet?”

You will be surprised about what you learn while you are in that journey where you are just followers. 

You will be surprised how you will discover people reaction when an issue happen; they prefer keep quiet as if we get our ride for free. Honestly let us get real, shall we!

And for sure, this is not me been a masterpiece, but yes, I did experience over fifteen or even half an hour waiting the bus that once, I end up walking to go home.

The most frustrated to all of this is that the fare is pretty expensive. Each individual knows that and of course if we did have another choice we will take the choice to ride a bike, buy a scooter. 
Then again, I will not take risk to ride in the city of London, purely that the roads is tiny, many people don't know how to drive and so on... (An article will be written about this subject, just stay tune :))

Back to our bus drivers, the bus driver does receive good benefits on the top of their monthly salary; if they want they even can do over time, extra money “Yeah”. 

Also free tickets travel cards with one family member at their choices.  Because their work is considering as risk based on the facts that they are carrying passengers “Human Being”, they have fifteen minutes break each time their reach their destination, which is (about) every hour. Sound lovely job indeed. I would love to have 15mn break every hour and this is excluding my lunch break. 

Talking about the break, a break where you supposed to take fresh air. But this is not the case, unfortunately. 

For our driver, the break is to smoke inside the bus without opening any windows to reduce the smell. The bus drivers seem doing whatever they please them constantly. I mean, each public transport does have CCTV, but seems our video record it is just for interior design and waste of money. It is sad but true.

My concern is that I don’t understand why they are not happy about their job, and why every year they have to do this strike based on their salary. Following a day of strike, complaining why their job should receive pay rise, then they should show some care while doing their their job.  

I mean they should take a minute and focus on good thing that they gained doing this job. To feel blessed that they have a job that pay well with good benefits. After all, they made the decision to do this job. Nobody influence them to join the team. We all made a choice, and I do believe that when we made that decision to do that particular job, we should respect our contract even after 10 years of service. 

We want to be promoted, okay! This is changeable by mentioning it on our annual review. We want pay rise, once more, this is fixable with a meeting request.

Taking our anger on the customers isn't fair. 

We already pay pretty expensive for a ride that never on time, not welcoming smile, not customers focus. So really, what more they want? A beautiful life without physical move? To live in a luxury life? Yes, they can, but in that case, they should change their job. By the time they reach that upper level of life, that doesn't give them any reason to treat the customers whom participate to pay their salary badly. In contrary, they should show some respect. But of course, out of ten, only two of them will give us that customer first service. Let us praise that with the time, our bus driver on their own time, they will see the blessing job that they have.

It is so fascinated to see how people give that fake job interview to get that position. It is interesting how we are showing strong commitment for the first year in that position and then from nowhere, we start to have this big mouth saying bad thing about the job itself. 

We seem forgot how struggling financially, emotionally and physically we were before been offered that job.
Scandalous or Facts? 


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