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Reputation Or Honesty?

Working is something that we can't skip, unless you are born with millions in your bank account. Not such luck for some of us, we endures the difficulty to get that dream job, or any type of jobs as long as it does paid our bills to survive the month, to please our leaders pocket and most of all; to give that beautiful luxury life to the Royal's family.
Most of us get that promotion after playing that little slave with our managers. Drinks after work is the best opportunity to hangout with our managers. Sharing our little personal drama. Listening to what is our managers stories is all about; oh yes, we all have a little story. After gaining their trust, we know exactly what need to be said while we have that annual review and BOOM... an opportunity to ask that pay rise.
A true leader will sense that attitude straight away, and will know exactly how to respond of such risky demanding. But if you are a bad manager, well, you just let yourself drawn in that fake friendship. Yes, your PA, Duty Managers will get that pay rise or promotion just by using that Tony Blair's smile. Talking about how the weekend did go and suddenly the conversation is changed to "You okay that I take day off tomorrow?".
On other hands, if an opportunity has arise, your bad manager will make sure that the person she/he planning to employ is under-qualification.
Why is that?
Pretty simple, our manager is not going to take the risk to lose their job; by employing the over-qualified candidate with skills "What happened in drink after work, stay at that bar" and "What going on at work, our personal life shouldn't be used against us"
There are many unfairness is going on in our work place. Out of ten, eight of them wont talk about it, but think and getting stress of the system. Therefore, I wont be surprised if many employees found themselves in the counselling support centre almost every day to learn how to "Let it Go".
Now if you are working for the same position for over five years. In those five years there were few opportunity to take the extra miles within your job. Of course you want to take that opportunity.
You did apply. Then you got rejected. The first rejection was, you don't have team leader skills. Okay, you can take that and will make sure you fill that missing gap skills. You focus on good side and take the feedback on board.
Another opportunity arise, you re-applied. Sorry, not appointed again. The reason of why you didn't get the post is that you don't have customers skills. Al-right, we can fix that. Don't focus on negativity, just think that this is something that can be developed. Indeed.
Then another opportunity rise again, and once more you didn't get the job. The excuse was that they have a candidate who is very well experienced. Speechless...
Then you start wondering but you don't gave up, so you re-applied, unfortunately, once more, sorry you didn't get the job. This time the excuse given was that "You don't know how to fill your application form".
Well, sad to say it but your manager is not willing to assist you in your professional next move. They like seen you exactly where you are. You are their little Dollies.
The democracy is that, if they wants, they can make things happen. Yep there is not vacancy, but they will change your job description and Job title so that you will get that pay rise without any whatsoever and so on...
So if you are ready to take that challenge in a new position, in different organisation where the managers is more reliable and willing to support your job path, then before you decide to leave, make peace to yourself, and to them. Say thank you and praise for forgiveness. Don't hold any anger, hate or revenge. Smile, because something great is awaiting for you, when you are ready.


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