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Mine, Yours, Theirs, Ours calling.

Part two

What could be wrong or right about the planet that we are living on! 
Of what I have seen so far, I think we should feel privileged to be able to live and experience such wonderful world. 

I can feel someone thinking "What he is talking about?" or "Is he having a laugh" or "This world is a mess" 

All depends at what angle we are looking at it; the bad or the bright side. 
The bad is that yes, our world is dirty, smell, too much buildings built for not sense. 

We can't blame anybody of its state, not even our leaders. Yes, I can hear you say "Why not! They are well paid to make sure that we live in safe and clean city." 
True, they are getting well paid to ensure that. But they are also getting well paid to do something else than just taking care of the environment. 

But the world doesn't belong to them, even if they are getting paid for taking care of it.  
All of us should put our little part too to preserve the beauty of our worlds. But do we? Nope! We don't. 

The good part about the earth is that; it is beautiful world. 

Sometimes, I am wondering if there is no a moment where one person will think and say "We are already living in the paradise, but we just keep destroying it." 

I believe that we have given the paradise already. But we are so blind of our selfishness, we just don't see it. We love the power, the money and the spotlight. 
So what happened then? Then we have this aim to be the best of the best? We do things that we shouldn't. 
We take our own kind to do some research on our behalf. We lie of our project until it is too late to stop.  

The earth is full of chemistry and mystery. 

I guess none of you never thought that underneath of our house, apartment, the buildings that we are working to pay our monthly bills, the places that we celebrate our weddings, anniversary, the street that we are walking on the way home, to see friends or while waiting the bus, the tube, the cabs and so on. 
That grounds that people spit on, underneath that, many skeleton are buried in there. 
They are many lives are sleeping in there from century to century to date. 

Yes! I hoped I did shock you there. but this is real, not one of my imagination. 
Someone's grandpas, grandmas, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and friends’ dust is laying there. 

Of course, after changing the image of our cemetery to became the new modern building of twenty century, people don't see what the truth behind that beauty. 
Or the ghost house where people been killed and never found their killer. 
Or the girl who been raped then buried in her own basement, but the investigator and people will say "She runaways"
Or the children been kidnapped by a pervert and buried the body's in their garden. 
Accidents that happen up in the sky, over millions body never found. 

I truly I tell you, if I am God and you want to see that I am the Son of the God; I will rise all the deaths from day one so that you all can witnessed that there are more bodies died in this globe than people alive with greedy and selfishness. 

Let us not forgotten about the civil wars, world wars.
The unfinished business still to date in Egypt, Iraq, Iran.
And many more countries that still fighting for their freedom.
Let us not forgotten about people been killed for money, drugs, and their body dumped from nowhere to the river of Mississippi.  

Many more disasters, yes, so many loss; but the pain and the grief is not forever, not for all of us anyway. 

But who is to blame of such action? 

To respond to that, We are losing our paradise because of us. Yes! You heard me; we are full responsible of our own fate. 

We are our own fate. 

This is my view from what I have seen about the earth. 
Do you think I made this up? After all, who I am to tell or to judge? 

Is my purpose to be part of this world is to help people to wake up? So that they can stop destroying our world? 
Sound interesting indeed, but I am not sure if I am well qualified for that. 

I don't want to be rude or arrogant, but I have my own issue to resolve before I could even think to help someone's life. 
I am in the heart to get an answer about my life before I could light someone's route from darkness. 
I would like to say, it is indeed very challenging project that God has got for me. But right now, thanks but no thank you. 
I would like to say, yes, I want that job of "Peacemakers". But I am not sure that I am up for a new adventures. 

I am a boy without a future. I am a boy who has a dream. I am a boy who is lost with my own translation.
I am a boy who is only thinking to share my feeling. 

I miss my mum, I wish I could touch her. I wish I could make things right. I wish I could turn the time back. 
The world has got something that we should feel blessed to be part of. 
Because without the earth, we are nothing. Without this beautiful green landscape, we are all dry died in the dessert. 
Without the sea, we have nothing to hope for. 

And yes, I believe that I, you, they, we are living in a paradise. We are too greedy and too busy to fulfill our bank account that we don't see the beauty of what we have.
We are too focus to protect our image and keep that temporary reputation that we don't even have a time to spend quality time to explore the beauty of the secrete garden. 


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