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Mine, Yours, Theirs, Ours calling.

Part two
What could be wrong or right about the planet that we are living on!  Of what I have seen so far, I think we should feel privileged to be able to live and experience such wonderful world. 
I can feel someone thinking "What he is talking about?" or "Is he having a laugh" or "This world is a mess" 
All depends at what angle we are looking at it; the bad or the bright side.  The bad is that yes, our world is dirty, smell, too much buildings built for not sense. 
We can't blame anybody of its state, not even our leaders. Yes, I can hear you say "Why not! They are well paid to make sure that we live in safe and clean city."  True, they are getting well paid to ensure that. But they are also getting well paid to do something else than just taking care of the environment. 
But the world doesn't belong to them, even if they are getting paid for taking care of it.   All of us should put our little part too to preserve the beauty of our worlds. Bu…

My, Yours, Theirs, Ours Calling :)

I was born.

For what purpose?

I don't have any clue. One thing I am sure I didn’t ask to be part of this new world.

But I am here. I am learning new things every day.

Looking back when I was that baby boy...

Strangely I can't remember how I used to look when I was a baby.
I can't remember what the test of my mum’s milk is. I can't remember when I did my first steps.
I can't remember when I taste the real food for the first time. I can't remember when my mum stop wiped my little bum.
I can't remember when I cried and for what reason? I can't remember what the first word that I said was.
I can't remember any faces that pleased to play or babysit me while parent is away for work or leisure.

Yeah! Yeah!

I know what you are going to tell me.

The new technology made it simple. My parent must have some video recorded with me walking around the house, the garden.
A video contains funny image doing things that back then, was so sweet and charming.
A video tha…

Drink for self-treat, no to make a fool of ourselves.

#drinks #care #advice #health #depression #AAA #Alcohol 

There are many reasons why we have the desire to drink a glass of wine, beer, whisky and so on.  The consummation can be over abused unless the person is self-conscious and will know their limits. When we decide to sip that alcohol for it bizarre, dry, sour,  smoked, strong test, we just kind letting ourselves gone and forgot that this dangerous liquid can lead us to an embarrassment momentum of our life.
While we are celebrating, yes, let drink for our “Just married couple”. Another celebration that we can’t avoid, and that is while we passed our graduation, yep “Let drink to that achievement”.  Let drink for that job offer or promotion that we have been waiting for quiet sometimes now, yes, life is beautiful.  At the early age before our adolescent life, we are preparing that night out with our friends. We are excited about it as if it is going to be our first and last clubbing.
Let no just focus on the young adult on their d…

Why decided to be a bus driver if you can't offer a good customers care.

There are days where I think the bus drivers did wake up with their left feet.

A typical joke but somehow true. This is a sentence that I am often saying to my colleagues sooner I arrived at the office to start a new journey as part to pay my monthly bills.

Like it or not, majority of us are taking the bus to make our journey to work, to school, business meeting or for that job interview that we have planned for days. 

After all, if it can give stress free from traffic and all type situation that we can think of while we drive our own car; why not.

Most of the time, the bus drivers seem unhappy. What the true reason, only they and God knows why? 

The sadness seen the bus driver unhappy is that, somehow, their bad mood is indirectly affecting us, customers. 

On other hands, and as long as the bus drivers drive us safely and reaching our destination on time; we shouldn't care much about our driver’s behavior. 

From my own experience, we will be very lucky to get support or assistant from a…

You are... You are ... You are ...

There was a time, I have been told to not eat chocolate. My mum used to say that I have weak stomach and to avoid/ reduce any problem when I am old; wise decision is just to not consuming it. I never persisted to ask why; but did agree with her.

Although, now that I am mature enough; I did start to eat chocolate. I eaten it with abused, but I don’t feel sorry to have that opportunity to consume of it delicious creamy, soft as if it was an orgasm from heaven.
Moreover, my mum was right, anyway, our mother, she is always right not matter what she said and how her advices can impact our life for that present momentum of our life. Thanks Lord, she doesn’t know that I eat the forbidden love, yet.
After realising that things isn’t right with my stomach, well, what is done it is done. I don’t have a regret of what I have done. As now I understand when people are in their broken heart and looking for that tender partner to talk to, indeed, Chocolate is the right medicine to heal our pain. It…

Don't you dare point your finger at...!

At the age of reason, we start to discover about ourselves. We begin to observe what going on around us. We have this wonderful idea of how we want our life to be. We dream of that true love to come to our life. We have this fairytale best friend that we are going to lean our head from bad to good time. We have this vision of a good job with great money. Everything seems so beautiful. We don’t see any sign of scars nowhere during that season of starting to build our new life far from our sweet home full of caring. Then we start to fly. We start to get our own place. We start to do things that we haven’t had a chance to do while we were at our parent’s house or did it but secretly. We are in our journey of naivety. We are starting to get hurt. We get betrayed. We get mistreated and most of all, we are about to learn something about people. We learnt to understand that we have still more to learn about ourselves. We are going to be surprised to see who we really are. We are going to be…

Xmas Trees - #mine, #yours, #theirs = #OURS STREET #writing

Two or one month before the Xmas, the globe is getting ready about God’s birth celebration. Although, let us be cleared that nobody really knows which day or month God is born. How we end up to celebrate his birth on the twenty fifth of December,you can do the research as I believe that to find out about God’s and seek his face, is like trying to reach the sky.

Back to the point of my articles, my message is about Xmas tree. Yes, if we can afford to buy one with it condiments to make it even prettier; we just go and buy it. We are excited about having that Xmas trees in our living room. Indeed, if we have children, nieces and nephews to come over, and as a good auntie, mother, father, Godfather and God mother, we want to get it right.

So what we do to get it right? We start to plan ahead, where to buy that special Xmas trees. We get the best decoration that we could found across the city. We are giving our times to search that perfect goodies. We set a specific budget to make sure th…
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to put the radio on. Yes, some of you may doing the same thing while others just straight to bathroom, and whatever you do in there, keep it between you and God.
We all have our own ways to perceive people messages from a friend, colleagues, family, managers, and customers. We have our own understanding while we read a book or newspapers and so on.
My topics that I have in mind to write in this blog is either about scandalous; me being just a drama girl or facts where, I, you, they, we know the truth but we seem have a problem to accept and talk about it. I will write different type of topics from “Dirty street to Love” and will express my thought, not the feeling; otherwise, we are not going anywhere.
I would like to invite you to pop in to my blog and if you have ten seconds do say “Hi”, read my comments, my articles and please, feel free to tell your true thought. Also, do let your friends know or share my blog to your mates, m…

Happy weekend World :)

France; the attacks is still on. People is still under shock, what to expect more? The worse that could happen is that, people will have to stay home fro a weeks, months and so on. Good excuses for the students to miss school. 

USA; also have their own story of Michigan explosion. dozen injuries that not sure how serious the impact is. Health assurances that still undergo where Obama wants to make sure people get life assurances ha ha ha 

London: heavy wind is on since earlier this morning. Feels like the city is going up in the air for another adventures. Looking at the bright side of London, London is not of what it is without it weather.

The FTS is up and down again... well, I don't travel and don't have any shares so really, I don't mind. However, indirectly, my money is part of bank doesn't mention about it but that is how all of those bankers make profits, taking our money, investing in their  best interest. So don't wonder why they are all most million…

Reputation Or Honesty?

Working is something that we can't skip, unless you are born with millions in your bank account. Not such luck for some of us, we endures the difficulty to get that dream job, or any type of jobs as long as it does paid our bills to survive the month, to please our leaders pocket and most of all; to give that beautiful luxury life to the Royal's family. Most of us get that promotion after playing that little slave with our managers. Drinks after work is the best opportunity to hangout with our managers. Sharing our little personal drama. Listening to what is our managers stories is all about; oh yes, we all have a little story. After gaining their trust, we know exactly what need to be said while we have that annual review and BOOM... an opportunity to ask that pay rise. A true leader will sense that attitude straight away, and will know exactly how to respond of such risky demanding. But if you are a bad manager, well, you just let yourself drawn in that fake friendship. Yes…
Happy Friday to you all. 

The disturbing and sadness of what happened in Paris is still hunting some of close friends and family. On other hands, some of population is struggling to stick on their new resolution. Not least, some of us are still in their Holidays and only going back to work on Monday. 

What could be done to stop the crime increasing? Is it because the laws isn't strict enough or our leaders isn't really give damn interest of population safety, instead they are more focus on their pocket and reputation? 

Scandalous or Facts?
Very sad of what happened in Paris. How some people could do such thing? just because of an article.
I am disappointed of how sad future is waiting for us ahead. It seems, that even in our own country, the foreigners can do whatever they pleased; but if we go to their region and not following their rules, we get jailed, or worse killed.

What bright future we have for our generation? May be None? May be just war between the neighbour without prejudice. Rules, who can remember that word of peace. No, all of that is over. we keep killing each other, hate each other, mistreat each other. At what purpose? selfishness, power, pride, money, religion and so on.

we can live in a peace if people be more open mind. Not trying to be a boss, a leader, or a flowers. but respect each individual  opinions. Isn't for this type of understanding that many men and women fight and lost their life back in the 1918 - 1944? So that we can live in freedom of respect and caring.  

How I shall call our futu…
What is about the new resolution? Do we really stick into it? 

Many people decided to lose weight. Some wants to stop smoking. Some wants stress free. 

Yes, all of those can be done. But the question to be asked is how motivating person are you? 

Talking, make a good debate about it is pretty good. But this is not about getting notice while you are in the heart of stranger’s people or family or friends because you just don’t want to feel stupid not talking to nobody, or is it?

For sure, something can be done in here, but only you can make that decision and just go for it 