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Whatever you decide to do as a new resolution, do it with heart not to please public eyes.

Here we go, another year is gone and there isn't anything we can do about that. There is only one thing that we could consider each day, week, month and year that it is passing by and that is the memories. Those memories are the promise that we have made and some of them did happen. Those joys are part of hard work from many rejections. Those pains are from losing someone close from illness or natural disaster. Surely, we can’t ignore all those situations that we have endured but we can learn and develop our knowledge in serving others with care.
Some of vision that we have set each year is a new resolution. We promise to ourselves to going back to the gym to keep our body on good shape or just for the sake to lose weight. We made that promise to stop smoking or minimise the alcohol consumption. We set a goal to put less stress within ourselves. We agreed to treat ourselves with time to meditate and so on.
Yet, most of promises that we have decided to accomplish is not really c…

We are WORTHY, Stand firm.

Many times we are meeting different people without knowing the outcome of that private interview. The meeting could happen while we are in the bus with a dry body language. The soft smile is given while we walking in the busiest street of lonely city. The unknown “Hello” is given when someone is asking for direction. The flirting seasons is rare to happen as most of people are pretending to be busy with their android.
Yet, in everyday life we are letting ourselves down easily by the situation occurring in our life. In such matters we tend to not fighting further to raise our voice. In such conflicts we tend to keep doing our routine even thought that 90% of our attitude, we are not happy about it. In such unhappiness on how we have been treated unfairly with our job, love or family issues we seem just accept the bullying without making any remarks of objection.  
There are people out there who will not like us because of where we are from. There are people out there that will jeopar…

FOCUS on what is Important for YOU!

Whatever we decide to do in our life, let do it for what make us happy before anyone else. Let us acknowledged that we are who we are because our creator gave us life but at the same time He is testing us from our strength, weakness, fears, doubt and if we are willing to take the challenge or walk away!
It is clear that everything we do in our life with admitting or denying our action, the evidence is that we do things to please people. Most of achievement we have done is someone’s wished so that they could talk about us as “We are where we are because of their advice, their money, their support and so on…” it indeed true, indirectly. They put that little dream in our brain, in our vision in our daily life.
How many times in a day we end up reading an article about someone’s journey, bad or good, we tend to see ourselves doing the same things. How many times we are watching documentary or movies and start to built that huge vision in our heart. Somewhere, it is about of what we wants …

We are born to win!!!

Sometimes we are wondering where the point to run a race is! Sometimes we are asking what is the point to put ourselves on overdraw to buy a house, while we damn know that we can’t take that house where we are going after this life! Sometimes we think there isn’t point to work hard, our achievement isn’t forever! Unfortunately that doesn’t stop us to kill our partner to gain the life assurances. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop us to curse our family for their money.
Looking of what going on in our life, we start to ask ourselves what is the point of running while our life is meaningless. We observing other people’s life and we only see people competing one to another. As if all about our personal life, professional life and even our body it does matter on their eyes.
We compete ourselves to someone that we are not! We are ready to take heart the challenges to win that race; be on spotlight. We look at how the world is going to judge us if in any how we didn’t make it to the fin…

It is okay to fail! It is okay to fear!

But how long are we going round backsliding? I find it very interesting on how each human being, and knowing that we are all in the same basket of our journeys of self-doubt – why is that?
Working in the heart of very strong diversities, we have given our time, our knowledge, but most of all, we have fully committed our gift to advice others, individually we have listen, share and most of all supporting each person from their fear that take huge impact within their daily life such; ·Demographic Change ·Languages Barriers ·Education level ·Life Background ·The economics ·The new laws ·Ethnicities ·Ages ·The differences of Cultures and Traditional life

It is not easy to commit ourselves to someone’s life – especially when they are just passing by to our life. But what the hell! If we have the gift to guide someone from the darkness – then let it be. Because we know that we are born to help the others – we are passionate about assisting those that are in needs and we are planning to do so.…

Christine, Love is something that we are born with.

Relationship is a touching word. 
·A word of Desire ·A word of Hope ·A word of Faith ·A word of Heart ·A word of Trustworthy

And you Christine, you have it all.    You are born to be “God’s Follower” from the second your heart started beating. You are carrying it spiritually with your name known as “Christ Honour” There isn’t any word to describe the “Caring” that you have given to all of us from the day one where our road did collide. There isn’t right word to define your amazing kindness to all of us. There isn’t right word to define your softener of encouragement to all of us. Yes – we meet people for a reason.
Like it or hate it, the true friend, we have to learn to accept to let them go. And we want to give our blessing to you Christine so that you can keep climbing the mount to feed God’s children of the true word of His Love to all of us.
In and out, you have changed us for a better person. And we do know that you will always be there, beside us, forever. Your Beauty, Your Smile, Y…

Later or sooner our hard work will be well rewarded!

Many of us have a dream. It is a dream that we are born with it. We only realising that we have such strong dream when we are in the age of reason, the ages of understanding. Some of us will reach that dream in short of ride, for some of us; it will be the longest ride.
What is about that specific dream that we have within us, a dream that we want to achieve but at what price? Are we ambitious enough to reach our goal at any cost? Some of us are born with determination to never given up on our dream, even if this is about to take fifty years of life before we could see our dream for real.
To be well rewarded is all about timing, the commitment that we have set to make it happen, and if we are strongly willing to make this happen. During that ride, the road isn’t always straight and flat as we wished. To reach that vision of ours, we have trespassing bump, diversion and sometimes detours.
Then we have those people who will manipulate us so that we lose our self-confident. Those people w…

Love and respect our body the same way we treasure our little dirty secret.

“You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love.” I used to listen this Enrique Iglesias’s song on and on during a season of wanders. It seems that our body is exactly the same lyrics. We can change the way we are clothing to hide some of our body part. Vice versa, we don’t even taking care of the way we dress by just putting tiny lingerie for the rest of the world to see. We don’t think about the bad influences that we are given to our public eyes and how this could end up in a mess of disrespect, mockery but most of all, to be insulted
It is sound silly to believe but we are our own responsible of how we want to be respected.
People will give us respect the way how we dress. People will see our simplicity the way how we speak to them, with friendly manners. People are going to be more care of who we are as long as we do show them our value. 
Every move we make, we will be criticised. Every clothes we are wearing, we will be given an uncomfortable eyes contact. Every word th…

Why wasting so much money when we know it is just for temporary beauty?!

Since the early 90s the surgery took huge place in our life, or shall I say to those people who don’t want to grow old or having those wrinkles which making their face lousy, scary, dull or even like a plastic lousy bag. A good example to tell is Cher and Dolly Parton. The both girls are not only talented but they also have the voice to sing and acting with such delicates. Yet, with such fame, this seems not enough for both of them to just be happy and enjoy life as it is.

There are many ways to look after ourselves by minimising the process of growing old. One of them is to find the peace within us with five minutes mediation per day. The second is to not get stressed unnecessary especially when we know in advance such rush hours or tiredness from our work. The third is to do some exercise of swimming or running at least twice or three times per week. It is seem boring and may be the reader will find this article waste of time, but the truth is it will work as long as we are commit…

Love and help our children before it is too late.

Many children were abused, and yet when some of them decided to speak up nobody believe them; not even their parent. Furthermore, what is the point to have the” JUSTICE” when this is only applied for those who have the money?
The story of John Barnard who was found guilty on three counts of making indecent images of children is indeed part of an example that we are wondering why the prosecutor and the judge can let such dangerous individual free in our street. Our children isn’t anymore save in this world, as every day while we switch on the television, we heard about “X” TV presenter, or “Y” former minister found charged of manslaughter at his debut in downing street and so on; thanks to his power. 
Our children are vulnerable, not because that they are born to be na├»ve. But they are not told yet about how dangerous our world really is; full of criminal and evils one. Stupidity or pride, our current, presents and future killers are most likely attacking people that can’t respond b…

Stop culpabilises for something that it totally human to make mistakes.

We do things but some of them, we don’t mean to hurt our own feelings.
It is important to understand that we are human, it’s doesn’t matter how old we are, it doesn’t matter how many times we have been betrayed, it doesn’t matter how many times we had broken heart, it doesn't matter how many time we are experienced; we will keep doing mistakes even if it is not from ourselves but from a second or third party. 
However, we shouldn’t blame ourselves at every wrong doing, after all, that is the only way we can developed ourselves. It is important that we keep open mind to learn new things and do something about it and not just storing it inside of our brain and make it as our next topics on our house party or as our main subject during our first date. We should learn to apply it for us, so that we become a new you, they, us, a new life, a new adventures and a new challenge to breakthrough our weakness. 
Many people struggle to move forward in their life after they have made mistakes …

Who is the way!

The longer we live, the longer we learn something new about who we are. The longer we fall, the longer we understand that life is not just about winning. The longer we self-doubt, the longer we accept that there is not another life than Him, Jesus. Alas, we have to live in many rejections before finally opening our eyes that our only exit from anxiety is God. He is the life and the way.
There were times we were wondering how we end up into this world. We wonder how we can feel such deep pain when we had a broken heart.  We were wondering how the red liquid colour could running through our vain and not had any possibility of exit unless we decide to slice a tiny bit of our skin.  We were wondering how our body could move from whatever we feel comfortable. We were wondering how our stomach could receive those foods and not getting any disease unless we have abused it consummation. We were wondering, who is this talented person with such imagination of a master piece, us.
What happene…

Believe, Just believe from the bottom of our heart!

Before we even start to make the first step, fears of not reaching our vision, we stopped believing; we given up.
I am talking not only from my own experience but through my family, close friends, former work colleagues, former partners and people which I had chance to have that little chat while waiting the public transport at the platforms or while I am trying to have a quality time with my cuppa of tea to one of those coffee shops in the heart of the lost city.
During our childhood we have so many dreams, wonderful dreams, back then; we never have any clue how we are going to make our fairytale dreams to be real. But we keep dreaming and talk about it as if we own and living that dream already.
Nobody teach us how to reach our vision, we just go with the flow. But then, we reach the age of entering to life active. The way how we see life isn’t anymore as we lived while we were a child. The word “Money” seem coming into our life almost every second. The word education is a word that …

Hillsong - be blessed of how your unique skills!

Hillsong - preacher - Dan - Jacobs - be who you are.

Dirty Dancing...Sooner I can do that too. lol

Let do some trial...!!!

Freestyle dance Hawaii

freestyle Dancing..

We can be the light of our enemies!

We stepped into our darkness, it is part of life, and it is the life that we are living in thanks to our family, the friends, the government and the system itself. In the heart of anxiety, most of the times we start to build that anger against to each individual that has torn us down. Trying to understand why people do things just to see us falling apart!  We can’t even understand that specific provocation we have received in the middle or even when we just about to start our first step to our new life. “BOOM” someone shots us down. “BOOM” we are in the heart of diversion, which road to take?  “BOOM” we are trapped.
In the heart of that wonder of why we have been betrayed, the light isn't bright enough to guide our route. Our thought is going deeper as the exit to walk out from our depression is nowhere to be seen. We are blind of everything we see surrounding us, we focus on what we want to see; we become stubborn. In that specific situation of disappointment; nothing matter an…

Let dance....Old guys do some traditional dancing...

Let dance....Old guys do some traditional dancing...

Street Dance / singers Barcelona...

Dirty Dancing! Oh girl....Do I really need to see that You have a nice b...

The beast and the beauty dancing...

Dancing the queen! those feet are moving...


Pit bull with some dancing!

Freestyle dance!!! Oh Dear... Not bad at all...

Let do some Spinning Bull !!!

Royal baby! Is that so?

Right! The royal is about to give birth! Or shall we say the Royal has given birth. So what! Do we have to be concerned!
Royal or not a princess, we as citizens, we should focus on what is most important in our life before anyone else, we should put our life as top priory before the Royal, the Hollywood and the politics. I am glad for the Royal family that their generation is growing smoothly. But shouldn’t we put some bond of not breaching the line with our life and their life.
We are all exited for this new baby! Nothing wrong with that! But let it be! Let the baby have enough time to breathe and enjoying her little life. Let Charlotte enjoy her childhood before acknowledging that her life is surrounded of paparazzi; she doesn’t need that for now anyway.

The new Royal baby is produced, coming to this world exactly the same way as we all have! The only line that makes us different to the royal family is the tittle. Now, don’t get me wrong but when the child has diarrhea, the pa…

This isn't right belly dancing! Or is it?

Hillsong worshiping...!

Who said it is too late!!!

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and in a decade we will meet people that some of them will lift us while we fall. Our route is longer than we thought; we will meet people that are going to put as apart from our own soul. Through this life we are not destiny to achieve alone. Somehow, people we meet even if it is just for five minutes, that  person is there to lead us to something better, to guide our route, listening to their advice to help us to understand our wonders.
Then we have those people who are going to slam the doors on our face. We have those people who are going to traumatise our feeling into their pleasure. We have those people who are going to make sure we don’t take the extra miles in our professional life. We have those people who are going to humiliate us with our personal life. We have those people who are going to say “You are useless!” or “You are not going anywhere!” or “You are not qualified!” and so on…
Those people are indeed out …

You belong where your heart wanted you to be!!!

At the age of reason, we tend to follow people’s path so that they will take us to their luxury home. At the age of reason, we tend to listen the wrong sermon to be part of the new system. At the age of reason, we tend to spend days with the wrong people at the wrong place with the right generation. At the age of reason, we want to fit in a place where we will be accepted for something that we don’t own, for something that we don’t earn, for something that we don’t have and for something that we think we are finally part of nobles’ life.
Let us remember that each of us is not in any obligation to do things that we think we didn’t make that decision. It is all up to us to decide to step forward or step back or just stay where we are. Nobody can force us to transforms our body, our appearances for the unreal eyes public.

God gave us a life, with unique gift to carry on our journey in this earth to do thing wisely, to bring peace, to love one to another and most of all to be who we ar…